VestU - Unbiased Investment Education

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VestU 101 - Investment Principles (40 lectures 2.5 hours)

Provides essential knowledge for becoming a competent investor

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VestU 201 - Investment Assets (27 lectures 1 hour)

Provides a comparative review of global stocks and bonds including U.S., international-developed, and emerging markets

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VestU 301 - Portfolio Implementation (34 lectures 2.5 hours)

Guides an individual through the process of developing a personalized investment plan including asset selection

About VestU

Michael Patrick holds two degrees from Harvard University (B.A. and MBA) and has been investing professionally for 30 plus years. He supervised large endowments as Executive Vice Chancellor for Asset Management at The University of Texas System and as Chief Investment Officer for The Meadows Foundation. He currently runs an investment consulting firm in Dallas advising foundations and charitable organizations.

He has served on the board of directors of numerous companies including Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM), where he was Chairman of the Audit Committee for over 15 years. On April 1, 2016 Cameron International Corporation was acquired by Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB). He served in the U.S. Navy as a diving and demolition officer with a final rank of Lieutenant.

Ted Patrick holds an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and has been writing software professionally for over 25 years. He currently runs a software consulting firm in Austin, Texas. His employment experience includes Adobe Systems, Barnes & Noble, Sencha Inc. and several startups.